Toxic or Non-Toxic Makeup Cosmetic products

Wednesday, 27 Oct 2021 13:37

Toxic or Non-Toxic Makeup Cosmetic products

Making the switch over to non-toxic makeup was always on my to-do list. There was a lot of me thinking "Yeah, I should do that. Maybe on a weekend? Will probably take some research, time, and money"—aka, not happening any time soon. 

But first, a little background about toxic beauty: It has long been hypothesized that parabens—a group of ingredients prevalent in cosmetics in the United States and not only there — likely disrupt the endocrine system. This is a particularly terrifying notion when you consider most people start wearing makeup around puberty, when the endocrine system really kicks into high gear.

Definition of NON-TOXIC makeup is any product that does not include ingredients deemed toxic by the Environmental Working group, including but not limited to, lead, mercury phthalates, triclosan and dioxin. Our company AMBIANCE ELEMENTS after many years of research finalized to bring to Cyprus Market only natural organic vegan and cruelty free makeup cosmetic products.

As suspected, it turns out there were some alarming things hanging out in my makeup bag. Some realizations were of the slap-in-the-face variety, such as finding coal tar and chemicals used to degrease engines in a couple of my products. (To put it in perspective, the E.U. has banned around 1400 ingredients from personal care products, and the U.S. has banned a measly 11)

The majority were red flag ingredients many of which are potential carcinogens and hormone disrupters—more of a distant threat, but no less terrifying. Thankfully, non-toxic makeup is here to stay, making the process of switching easier. "Green beauty is no longer the crunchy, limited, younger sister to standard beauty products," says a makeup artist. 

"It is here to stay and is leading the movement that your health and beauty should never be compromised."

So let us check on the essentials.


"The main problem we see with conventional mascaras is that they make sensitive eyes burn and water, which really ruins the point of wearing it if it makes your eyes all red, puffy, and teary. Usually, people are reacting to the preservatives." The FDA requirement for eye products is more stringent than products for the rest of the face.

Green brands have to work really hard to make their formulas meet this standard while also being gentler on the eyes. Our brands are guaranteed green.

Brow Gel

There aren’t a lot of non-toxic brow gels out there, so thankfully this one fulfilled all my bushy brow needs. It’s a rather small bottle that I’m afraid I’ll finish quickly, but at least with this, the three types of parabens my previous popular brow product had is replaced by many products for brows that you will be able to find in this eshop/website for your reference and choice for purchase.


An examination of the ingredients in my cult-favorite blush revealed it too was hiding several nasty ingredients. First up: talc. "The big problem with talc powder in makeup products is that you can end up inhaling it," advise makeup artists. "The tiny particles can float into your airways and cause damage to your lungs." But the real kicker, as she notes, is that natural, improperly refined talc can even contain asbestos. "Asbestos exposure can cause cancer, and given that many people wear powder products daily or almost daily—that's a lot of exposure that can build up," Given the very loose regulations in the cosmetic industry in all over the world, it's hard to know if a company is using low-grade ingredients or not, so it's best to avoid."

Add a host of parabens to boot, and I’m officially switching over to our high-performing, ultra-smooth blushers that's made of 99% natural ingredients. Check in our website/e-shop.


"There is a lot of debate about what ingredients are safe or not when one starts to head more into NON-FOOD GRADE chemicals, and there will likely always be someone on either side of it,". "To me it's easy. Plant-based ingredients are safe, nutritious, they work, and if you end up swallowing a bunch of your lipstick over time it's just like you ate some food." Check also in our website / e-shop for a big variety of colors for your reference/choice.


The concealer I’ve used for years ranked with a disappointing seven—not too far from a “most toxic” ranking, which is 10. The most damaging ingredient was polyethylene, a plastic that, in addition to damaging the environment, can be irritating and may contain carcinogenic impurities. And, contrary to popular belief, clean makeup does have coverage.

"A makeup artist for several big box brands, said: I love using green products, as they give the skin a natural radiance. It puts the skin and the health of the skin center stage,". "There's nothing I miss from my standard beauty products because I'm able to get the coverage, pigments, and innovation from green beauty." Concealer included.

There are many colors to fit your skin color in our e-shop. Take a close look and please don't hesitate to ask any questions. Our team will be gladly responding either through our Facebook or Instagram page.