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Verbena is referred to variously as ‘lemon verbena’, ‘lemon beebrush’. It is a deciduous shrub that grows between five and 16-feet high in locations as far-flung as Morocco, Kenya, China and the Mediterranean. The oil produced by the verbena plant is typically yellow or green, and offers a fruity, citrus scent, hence its common epithet, lemon verbena.

Verbena lifts the spirits

Verbena is a treatment for coughs

With its expectorant properties, verbena oil is often used to loosen phlegm, clear congestion and soothe the associated pain of a hacking cough. What’s more, the high citral content means it can often kill the bacteria found in mucus. Lovely!

The physical relief induced by verbena is well-established, but it has many mentally therapeutic benefits too. Verbena’s presence in body mists, massage oils, candles and diffusers can inspire and stimulate the mind, providing sweet relief from the lethargy and monotony of the daily grind.

Verbena banishes muscular pain, inflammation and spasms

Verbena’s naturally elevated antioxidant levels make it a fantastic element in muscle-soothing products. Many people apply the oil topically to ease the pain and tension that comes with aching muscles, to much-needed relief – whenever applying an oil topically, ensure it is diluted in a carrier oil.

Verbena is a friend to weight loss

And not least because of its low-calorie content! At a measly two calories per serving, lemon verbena tea works to stimulate metabolism, while other chemical compounds that make up the plant stave off the desire to snack between meals.

Verbena helps to clear an acne-prone skin

This plant oil is high in antiseptic content and emollient properties, making it a fantastic tonic for your skin. These dual benefits of verbena help to fight clogging within the pores as the oil penetrates deeply to soften and moisturise the skin.